Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 11th Meeting Minutes

Thanks for the GREAT meeting last week, everyone! Here's the minutes:

TOGA (Teens of Gleason Advisors)
January 11th, 2008

In attendance: Spencer, Ryan, Matt P., Sam, Matthew H., Amelia, Katherine, Connor,
Elizabeth, Meg, Susannah, and Erica (TOGA facilitator and Teen Librarian)

Generating Ideas on Renovating the Library's Teen Section
- Should be divided into two sections: one with comfy chairs (quiet), and one with tables (group work/ chatting area)
- Furniture suggestions: butterfly chairs, better tables (longer, with more room to
spread out books/homework), huge wraparound couch with table in the middle
- Make better use of the window seat
- The teen section needs to look different from the rest of the library, and feel like a
more defined space. Way to do that: livelier paint colors (blues and greens?).
- Because it is difficult for people to know where the library?s teen section is, there
should be signs pointing it out, in the section, and downstairs.
- Group voted on putting a suggestion box in the teen section, where anyone can offer
ideas about renovating the space, as well as book suggestions. A box will be placed
there. Depending on its success, a similar suggestion box may be placed in the school
library, as well.

Spring Event
- To be held in March/April/May
- Based upon ideas generated at the previous meeting, Erica has begun looking into
bringing someone to the library to run a DDR Tournament. The group was split over
whether or not they?d want DDR or Guitar Hero. Much debate ensued. Rather than put it
to a vote, TOGA opted to decide this via ballot box. Erica is now working to see if an
event with both would be feasible.
- No matter what the event is, want to make sure that it is successful (high attendance),
has lots of supplemental activities (not board games!), and is fun.
- Fundraiser?

New Books in the collection
- Everyone would like to see some new books in the teen collection. Erica
stated that new books are always coming into the collection, and that she is
open to suggestions.
- Suggestion box will go in the teen section.

New Members
- TOGA decided to uphold its contract, and not allow open meetings (and new
members) until well after the next event.
- Exception: Katherine and Elizabeth?s friend, Sadina, who it is believed will
make a positive contribution to the group, was voted in.

Next Meeting
- Tuesday, January 29th, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm

As you can see, we actually did get so much accomplished! I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting in a few weeks.

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