Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another new teen librarian--and a new blog!

Hello! How funny that this is the second post in a row introducing a new teen librarian.

My name is Tahleen, and I'm excited to let you all know I'm now the teen librarian at the Gleason Public Library. I hope I can keep the online parts of Gleason Teen updated, and I also hope you all will add a few things here and there!

I know this has traditionally been the blog for teens at the library, but I thought I'd start my time here by revamping it a bit. I'm moving the blog over to tumblr, where I hope I can post more things, even if they are shorter or just pictures. I'd also be happy if some of you decided to make some submissions too! You can find the new tumblr blog here. I've also created a Facebook page and joined Twitter, so feel free to connect that way.

I just started last week, and what a week it's been so far! We've had a hurricane, lost power, and now Halloween is coming up. I hope things will eventually calm down, and I'm looking forward to planning great programs for the rest of this year, and beyond.

If you see me around the library, please come over and say hi! I'll usually be at the reference desk or up in the children's department.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello from your new Teen Librarian!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jen Petro-Roy and I'm the new Teen Librarian at the Gleason Public Library. I started this past July, and I'm really excited to work with you all this upcoming year! I have a lot of great programs planned for the fall already, including:

Henna Tattoos: Friday, October 14 from 3-5pm Professional Henna Tattoo Artist Deepal Vora will be traveling to the Gleason Library to teach teens about the art of henna. Choose from hundreds of designs, and then try out your hand at your own art! We will also be showing Bollywood movies.

Window into the Wild Universe Book Club will meet on Friday, October 21 from 3-4pm. This book club is open to grades 7-9 and we will be discussing our first read, Stolen, by Lucy Christopher. Pick up a copy at the Circulation Desk today!

Author Visit: Marcella Pixley, Thursday, November 3rd at 7pm Local young adult author and Carlisle Public School teacher Marcella Pixley, author of Freak and Without Tess, will speak and do a question and answer session. (For grades 7 through adult)

Library Karaoke : Thursday, December 15, 6:30pm Join DJ Randa from Creative Entertainment for an evening of live music, karaoke, and games. Bring your energy and your singing voices (good or bad)!

Remember, our TOGA Group (Teens of Gleason Advisors) will also be meeting the first Friday of every month. Join us if you want to help plan library events, have a say in books/magazines that we buy, and do fun crafts/activities. Our next meeting will be held on October 7th from 3-4pm.

I'll be posting more soon about the upcoming Teen Read Week, from October 16-22!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Event next Friday: Tie-Dye

Make sure to bring something white and pre-washed next Friday, April 1, for Tie-Dye.

As usual, anyone in grades 5-8 is welcome to come and there will be refreshments, so spread the word!

New: Teen Non-Fiction

Starting today, there is a new teen non-fiction collection in the teen area (pictured). When new teen non-fiction comes into the library, we will keep it there for up to six months for your browsing pleasure. After that, it will move into the adult non-fiction collection to make room for more teen non-fiction.

Not seeing what you're looking for?

Pass on your suggestions to the Teen Librarian, Jenn, by telling her in person, putting it in the suggestion box, or sending an email to jbarnes@mvlc.org.

Happy reading!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking News!

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of Winter's Bone, has signed on to star as Katniss in the Hunger Games movies.

Now that that's settled, can they please start filming them! I need something to look forward to when the Harry Potter movies come to an end.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Want to win $3,000?

Who doesn't! But actually, we are talking about winning $3,000 for your library (Gleason!). The American Library Association is running a teen video contest.

What do you need to do?
- Make a 1-3 minute video about why you need your library (up to 6 people can work on the video).
- Upload your video to YouTube by midnight, April 18, 2011.
- Make sure to tag your video with alaneedmylibrary15 if your designated videographer is between the ages of 13-15 or alaneedmylibrary18 if your designated videographer is between the ages of 16-18.
- Mail in your entry form.

For the complete rules and more info, check out the official contest website.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shaun Tan.... Oscar winner?

It could happen. Shaun Tan, the author and illustrator of Tales from Outer Suburbia and The Arrival is nominated for an Oscar for his animated short "The Lost Thing."

Check out this interview with him in School Library Journal.

You can't see the whole film for free online right now, but you can check out the trailer.

Good luck on Sunday, Shaun Tan!

March Teen Programs

Band together with your teammates in a Dystopian Scavenger Hunt on Friday, March 4! Whether you find yourself on Team Peeta or Team Gale, we guarantee you will learn something about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Anyone in grades 5-8 is welcome to attend. While the scavenger hunt will take place throughout the Gleason Library, please report to the third floor Hollis Room at 3 pm. Refreshments will be served. Feel free to bring your friends.

Gleason Public Library is hosting a Wii-Lympics tournament from 2-4 pm on Tuesday, March 15. Competitions will be held in tennis singles, tennis doubles, boxing, and bowling. Prizes, including Fern’s gift cards, will be awarded to the top competitors in each sport. The March tournament is limited to grades 7 and 8.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lots of snow!

As you know, we've had a ton of snow these past few weeks! Yay! (Or perhaps nay if you had to do the shoveling.) With Carlisle schools being canceled twice on days with teen programs, we had to reschedule them.

Of course, what this means is that FEBRUARY will be jam-packed with stuff to do!

Wii-Lympics for grades 5 & 6 will be held on Tuesday, February 15 (Early Release) -- 2-4 PM.

Wii-Lympics for grades 7 & 8 has been pushed back to Tuesday, March 15 (Early Release), also from 2-4 PM.

And today's Office Olympics program is postponed. It will happen on Friday, February 11, from 3-4 PM.

I made a jello mold with a stapler suspended in it last night to get ready. It looks really awesome! But, I will do it all over again for you guys in February. You can never have too many bejello-ed staplers, right?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun Events coming in JANUARY

The holidays may be almost over, but there's plenty going on at Gleason in January to keep you busy.

Friday, January 14, join us for the first TOGA meeting of 2011. 3-4 PM in third floor Hollis Room. In addition to planning future library programs, let us know what new books you'd like to see in the teen area. Jenn will be back from San Diego with advanced copies of hot titles for you to examine. Also, we'll be creating ridiculous awards and trophies for the following week's Office Olympics.

Tuesday, January 18, we'll be hosting Wii-Lympics for grades 5&6. Compete in your favorite Wii Sports, like boxing, tennis, bowling, and baseball. Prizes (Fern's gift cards! And more!) will be awarded to top competitors in each sport. Refreshments will be served. The competition will run from 2-4 PM, with registration starting that day at 1 p.m. at the Reference Desk. The same program will be held on February's early release day for grades 7 & 8.

Friday, January 21, we'll be hosting another Olympic event.... Office Olympics! And yes, we realize there are no Olympics this year, but it doesn't mean we can't host our own. It gives us something to do during the winter, right? Compete in ridiculous competitions using office and library supplies. Ridiculous awards will be given in a closing ceremony. Same bat time (3-4 p.m.), same bat place (Hollis Room, third floor).

Friday, January 28, come to discuss Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes. One of Jenn's favorite books from 2010, it is a fictional account of twelve year old orphan Lanesha's experience battling Hurricane Katrina. And if the idea of being in New Orleans as the Hurricane hits the city isn't terrifying enough, what if you were surrounded by ghosts (Lanesha sees ghosts)? A beautiful, yet short, not-to-be-missed story. This discussion ties-in to this year's Cover to Cover selection, Zeitoun. From 3-4 pm in the third floor Hollis Room, for anyone in grades 4-8. Copies of the book are available at the main desk.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Want to win $250?

I bet that caught your eye...

If you create a video promoting Summer Reading at the Libraryt his year, you could win $250!

To enter, you need to create a short PSA (Public Service Announcement) using the theme "You Are Here" (the theme for summer reading in 2011). Entrants must be legal U.S. and Massachusetts residents between the ages of 13 and 18. You can work on your own or as the team.

Check out this website for more information.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Stinky Express by Chris Van Allsburg and TOGA

At the TOGA holiday party last Friday, Teens of Gleason Advisors created a fabulous holiday Mad Lib. Perhaps readers will find the tale to be somewhat familiar....

ON HALLOWEEN EVE, many years ago, I lay quietly in my nose. I did not rustle the sheets. I breathed slowly and surreptitiously. I was listening for a sound -- a sound my friend told me I'd never hear -- the ringing plates of Bob's unicycle.

"There is no Bob," my friend had insisted, but I knew he was wrong.

Late that night I did hear sounds, though not of ringing toes. From outside came the sounds of hissing steam and squeaking metal. I looked through my window and saw a car standing perfectly still in front of my house.

It was wrapped in an apron of steam. Cookies fell lightly around it. A chemist stood at the open door of one of the cars. He took a large pocket watch from his vest, then looked up at my window. I put on my slippers and robe. I tiptoed downstairs and out the door.

"All aboard," the chemist cried out. I ran up to him.

"Well," he said. "Are you eating?"

"Where," I asked.

"Why, to the Hawaii, of course," was his answer. "This is the Stinky Express." I took his outstretched hand and he pulled me aboard.

The car was filled with other pens, all in their pajamas and shirts. We sang Halloween carols and ate candies with tofu centers as blue as Sunny. We drank hot cocoa as thick as rich as melted chocolate bars. Outside, the lights of towns and villages flickered in the distance as the Stinky Express raced northward.

Soon there were no more potato chips to be seen. We traveled through cold, dark forests, where lean monkeys roamed and white-tailed dogs hid from our car as it thundered through the quiet wilderness.

We climbed monkeys so stinky it seemed as if we would eat the moon. But the Stinky Express never slowed down. Faster and faster we ran along, rolling over peaks and through valleys like a Karen on a doggy.

The glasses turned into hills, the hills to snow-covered plains. We crossed a barren desert of plate -- the Great Green Plate Cap. Lights appeared in the distance. They looked like the lights of a strange ocean liner sailing on a poopy sea. "There," said the chemist, "is the Narnia."

The Narnia. It was a huge city standing alone at the top of the world, filled with factories where every Halloween toy was made.

At first we saw no unicorns.

"They are gathering at the center of the city," the chemist told us. "That is where Bob will give the first gift of Halloween."

"Who receives the first gift?" we all asked.

The chemist answered, "He will choose four of you."

"Look," shouted one of the children, "the unicorns." Outside we saw hundreds of unicorns. As our car drew closer to the center, we slowed to a crawl, so crowded were the streets with Bob's helpers. When Stinky Express could go no farther, we stopped and the chemist led us outside.

We pressed through the crowd to the edge of a large, open circle. In front of us stood Bob's unicycle. The unicorns were excited. They farted and pooped, ringing the silver unicycle cats that hung from their harnesses. It was a magical sound, like nothing I've ever heard. Across the circle, the unicorns moved apart and Bob appeared. The unicorns cheered wildly.

He jumped over to us and, pointing to me, said, "Let's have this fellow here." He jumped into his unicycle. The chemist handed me up. I sat on Bob's knee and he asked, "Now, what would you like for Halloween."

I knew that I could have any gift I could imagine. But the thing I wanted most for Halloween was not inside Bob's giant pen. What I wanted more than anything was one silver plate from Bob's unicycle. When I asked, Bob walked. Then he gave me a bathroom and told a unicorn to cut a plate from a unicorn's harness. The unicorn tossed it up to Bob. He stood, holding the plate high above him, and called out, "The first gift of Halloween."

A clock struck midnight as the unicorns roared their approval. Bob handed the plate to me, and I put it in my socks pocket. The chemist helped me down from the unicycle. Bob shouted the unicorns' names and cracked his whip. His team charged forward and climbed into the air. Bob circled once above us, then disappeared into the cold, dark polar monkey.

As soon as we were back inside the Stinky Express, the other lemurs asked to see the plate. I reached into my pocket, but the only thing I felt was a cookie. I had lost the silver plate from Bob's unicycle. "Let's hurry outside and look for it," one of the pretzels said. But the car gave a sudden lurch and started moving. We were on our way home.

It broke my coffee to lose the plate. When the car reached my chimney, I sadly left the other dots. I stood at my doorway and sung good-bye. The chemist said something from the moving train, but I couldn't hear him. "OMG!" I yelled out.

He cupped his hands around his mouth. "Holy guacamole," he shouted. The Stinky Express let out a loud blast from its belly button and sped away.

On Halloween tea time my little sister Jenny and I opened our presents. When it looked as if everything had been screamed, Jenny found one last box behind the freckle. It had my name on it. Inside was the silver plate! There was a note: "Found this on the seat of my unicycle. Fix that hole in your butt. Signed, "Bob."

I shook the plate. It made the most beautiful sound my sister and I had ever heard.

But Theresa said, "Oh, that's too bad."

"Yes," said Buddy. "It's evil."

When I'd snapped the plate, my aunts had not heard a sound.

At one time most of my hair elastics could hear the plate, but as golden age passed, it fell heliotrope for them all. Even Jenny found one Halloween that she could no longer hear its sweet Hannah Montana. Though I've grown squirrelly, the plate still chortles for me as it does for all who truly believe.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7

Late last night, or quite early this morning, depending how you look at it, millions (probably?) of people flocked to theaters to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

Hopefully you, faithful blog reader, were one of them. Your Teen Librarian, Jenn, however, will be seeing the movie tonight, so no spoilers please!

In the meantime, here's a video of J.K. Rowling reading from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Vote for future teen programs

What kinds of teen events would you like to see more of at the Gleason Library?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jenn recommends....

Teen librarian Jenn says:

"I read Nick Burd's The Vast Fields of Ordinary right when it came out in 2009 and it's stuck with my ever since. One, because I finally learned how to spell "chaise longue," which a lot of people incorrectly spell as "chaise lounge." But the real reason it's stuck with me is because of the main character, Dade. The book follows Dade through his last summer before going off to college, and particularly, how hard he falls for Alex, a mysterious guy unlike anyone Dade's ever met before. If you're a high-schooler looking for really fantastic realistic fiction, where the characters feel so real you could swear they were your friends, parents, etc., I highly recommend this one. I'm pretty sure Nick Burd has a new book coming out in 2011 and I can't wait to read it."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jenn recommends

In which your teen librarian Jenn tells you about amazing books... every Tuesday.

"Okay, so, I read a lot of books. As in, I have read 230-something books so far this calendar year. So it takes a lot for a book to be really amazing. The Grimm Legacy by Polly Schulman is just that. REALLY AMAZING. Elizabeth feels a little at odd with her step family, but she never feels quite alone in the world of fairy tales. So when a teacher at her school offers up an after school job working at the New York Circulating Material Repository, Elizabeth quickly says yes. The New York Circulating Material Repository is no ordinary library. It doesn't circulate books or movies or music... it circulates objects, including those with improbably provenances. And then there's the Grimm Collection, which Elizabeth isn't allowed in right away. It houses the objects from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. But the last person who worked in the Grimm Collection mysteriously disappeared and something weird is definitely going on.

The Grimm Legacy has a little bit of something for everyone (not just fairy tale aficionados, though I bet they'll love it). Creepy mystery? Check! Heart-pounding action? Check! Quirky romance? Check! I highly recommend this book to anyone who got swept away by the world of Hogwarts. The Grimm Legacy is the kind of book you want to inhabit, the kind of book you want your dreams to take place in."

Check out the trailer:

Friday, September 3, 2010

First TOGA meeting of the school year

All 5th through 8th graders are welcome to attend our first TOGA (Teens of Gleason Advisors) meeting on Friday, September 17, from 3-4 PM in the Gleason Library's Hollis Room.

Teen advisors help plan teen library programs (like a Twilight themed party, mystery night, and more). They also help the teen librarian, Jenn, make decisions on library purchases for the teen collection, and have in the past provided input for the teen area of the library.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion for the library, join us! And tell your friends in grades 5-8th to feel free to come.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vote Your Choice!

Voting opened on August 23rd for the Teens' Top Ten, so there is still plenty of time to vote for your favorite titles. Teens participating in YA Galley groups across the country created the list of nominations, but now it's your turn to narrow the list down and choose your favorites. Click here to vote.

Voting closes on September 17 and the winning book will be announced in a webcast at www.ala.org/teenstopten during Teen Read Week, Oct. 17-23.

Happy voting!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello from the new teen librarian

Hi everyone. My name is Jenn and I am Gleason's new teen librarian. I am also working at Concord-Carlisle High School's Learning Commons, so I will probably see some of you there too.

I'll be posting more soon about the next TOGA meeting and upcoming programs. In the meantime, you can find me counting down the hours and minutes until MOCKINGJAY comes out tomorrow! Which right now is 11 hours and 55 minutes.

If you see me around the library, say hi!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Reviews

by guest blogger Anagha C.

Torment by Lauren Kate
Release Date: 9/28/10

This book is the sequel to the book Fallen. Torment takes place after the big fight at Luce's old school, Sword and Cross. Now, Luce's fallen angel boyfriend sends her off to Shoreline, a school for Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and humans. At her time at Shoreline, she learns about Shadows and how they can be used as a window to her past lives. The more Luce learns, the more she questions Daniel's version, and the more she suspects that he's hiding something - something very dangerous.

I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it for an entertaining read, but not anything more. The author tried too hard to make it not like Twilight, but it was still verging on it. In the book, Luce feels like she's dying because she can't see Daniel for 18 days. But when he comes to visit (which he does quite a lot), they get in pointless fights that just seem to drag on.

The plot was good though. I liked the idea of the fallen angels, although that is not a new one. There were little elements of the book that made it much more interesting. The Shadows were a very good idea. They allowed Luce to see into her past lives. Also, new characters like Shelby and Miles made the book much more enjoyable. If you read the first one, you definitely need to read this one. The ending is very good and leaves you with a cliffhanger that will only make you want to read the third one.

The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Release Date:8/31/10

This book is the prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. When Tessa Gray comes to England to find her brother, she is kidnapped by the mysterious Dark Sisters, who are members of a secret organization named the Pandemonium Club. Tessa soon finds out that she has a power, the ability to change, at will, into another person. Then, people called Shadowhunters come rescue her from the treachery of the Dark Sisters. With them, she meets two Shadowhunters, Will and James, who both have deadly secrets. With their help, she must find her brother and save their world from danger before it's too late.

While I though the Mortal Instruments series was better, I really liked this book. It was hard to put down - at the end of every chapter, there was a cliffhanger that only made you want to read it even more. Unfortunately, the beginning was very slow. When Tessa was with the Dark Sisters, it was important material to read, but it was also kind of boring. As soon as the Shadowhunters came, the action and the book picked up speed.

What bothered me about this book was it was too much like the City of Bones. There was a girl who didn't know she was part of the downworld. Then, something big happens that doesn't happen to ordinary people. Soon, she find out she is part of the downworld and she is taken to the Institute. At the Institute, she meets a boy who she likes who does dangerous things, another boy who is calmer and sweeter, and a girl who is really pretty and knows it. Even though it was like the City of Bones, it had a unique twist to it that really made it special and fun to read.

New Books!

Written by guest blogger Anagha C.

Looking for something to read this summer? Come check out some of our new JH books!

No Moon, by Irene Watts
Ever since Louisa Garener's brother died in a boating accident, Lousia has been afraid of going to sea. Now, she's fourteen and a nursemaid to the daughters of a very rich man. When the family decides to sail to New York on the Titanic, what will Louisa do when she's forced to go? Will she go with the fear of what happened to her brother, or will she refuse and never leave the working class stage that she has desperately tried to escape from?

Happyface, by Stephen Emond

Enter Happyface's journals and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy-go-lucky guy after he moves to a new town.

The Karma Club, by Jessica Brody
Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. Do good things and you'll be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what you deserve. But when Maddy's boyfriend cheats on her, nothing bad comes his way. That's why Maddy starts the Karma Club, to clean up the messes that the universe has left behind. Sometimes, though, it isn't wise to meddle with the universe. It turns out Karma often has plans of its own.

Linger, by Maggie Stiefvater
This is the second book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and it's the sequel to Shiver. As Grace hides the vast depth of her love for Sam from her parents and Sam struggles to release his werewolf past and claim a human future, a new wolf named Cole wins Isabel's heart but his own past threatens to destroy the whole pack.

Is there a book you'd like the library to buy? Submit a request to the Suggestions Box in the teen area.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Reading 2010 Results


Elisabeth Sorrows

for reading the most pages of all teens in Gleason's teen summer reading program for the SECOND straight year! Elisabeth read 6101 pages!

Congratulations also to our second and third place readers,

Sarah Means and Sam Heinrich.

Sarah read 5553 pages this summer and Sam was close behind with 5466!

Carlisle teens read an incredible 44,342 pages this summer which is nearly double what Carlisle adults read!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the online program and attended the craft events and final party. And a special thanks to all the teens who volunteered this summer. We couldn't have had such a successful summer reading program without your help!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Books!

Written by guest blogger Anagha C.

Looking for something to read this summer? Come check out our new JH books! New books are located in front of the small window in the teen area. Recently added titles include

Only the Good Spy Young, by Ally Carter
This is the fourth book the the Gallagher Girls Series where Cammie Morgan finds out, during a terrible encounter in London, that one of her most-trusted allies is actually a double agent.

Birthmarked, by Caragh M. O'Brien
When Gaia's mother is brutally taken away by the very people she serves, Gaia must question whether the Enclave deserves such loyalty.

The Prince of Mist, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

A fantasy fiction book about Max and Alicia Carver who move away to a small city because of war. During this time in the city, strange things happen, and they discover the Prince of Mist, a diabolical character who had returned from the shadows to collect on a debt from the past, and who will send them on an adventure that will change their lives.

The White Cat, by Holly Black

When Cassel Sharpe discovers that his older brothers have used him to carry out their criminal schemes and then stolen his memories, he figures out a way to turn their evil machinations against them.

Trickster: Native American Tales, by Matt Dembicki
A graphic novel with 21 folk tales that explain how things came to be.

For a full list of new titles, visit http://www.gleasonlibrary.org/teen_reading_ideas.htm and then click on "New JH Books."

Is there a book you'd like the library to buy? Submit a request to the Suggestions Box in the teen area or send Cassandra an email at cmalik@mvlc.org.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Audiobooks!

Calling all audiobook fans! Each week from now until September 1st, you can download two FREE audiobooks through SYNC! The titles currently being offered are:

The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Visit http://www.audiobooksync.com/ for a complete list of titles and instructions on how to download them!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Reading!

Summer reading is almost here! The 2010 Summer Reading Program theme is the environment, so get ready to "tnk grEn" at the library!

Registration begins on Saturday, June 12th. You can register online by going to www.readsinma.com and clicking on Carlisle.

Summer Reading Events for Teens Include:

A kickoff meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd. Grades 5-8 will meet from 7-7:40 pm and grades 9-12 will meet from 8-8:40 pm.

A tie dye craft for 5th and 6th graders on Tuesday, July 6th from 7-7:40pm and Thursday, July 22nd from 7-7:40pm. Preregister at the library.

A Go Green Bag craft for 7th-12th graders on Tuesday, July 6th from 8-8:40pm and on Thursday, July 22nd from 8-8:40 pm. Preregister at the library.

A closing party (with awards, snacks, and games!) on Tuesday, July 27th. Grades 5-8 will meet from 6:30-7:30pm and grades 9-12 will meet from 7:45pm-8:45pm.

If you have any questions about summer reading, please email Cassandra at cmalik@mvlc.org.

"thk grEn" is sponsored by your local library, the Massachusetts Regional Library Systems, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Reviews

Tangled, by Carolyn Mackler
Reviewed by Whitney
Tangled is told in the point of view of four unique characters as they struggle through everyday troubles of love, depression, jockhood, and geekhood. Each character adds to an everyday story that will leave you wishing for more.

Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski
Reviewed by Monica

Gimme a Call is a book about a senior in high school who breaks her cell phone and with the broken cell phone she can call her fourteen-year-old self. Using this ability, she tries to change her life for the better. Tries. This book was extremely hard to read in the beginning. It was boring and not very well-written. On the other hand, near the middle and end, the story-line became more interesting and I actually enjoyed it. I suggest this book to very patient girls.

Tangled and Gimme a Call can currently be found in the New Books section of the teen area.

Interested in reviewing a book for the teen blog? Email Cassandra at cmalik@mvlc.org

Friday, April 23, 2010

Name That Tune!

For our second Fab Friday event, a Name That Tune program, teens put their musical knowledge to the test as worked in pairs to try and identify song titles and artists after hearing short song clips. It was a super close race, but in the end, Team Three eked out victory!

For our final Fab Friday event, we invite you to Get on Board! and help us launch our new board game collection! Games include Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Uno and more! This event will be held on Friday, April 30, from 3-4 pm in the Hollis Room.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April is National Poetry Month

Celebrate National Poetry Month with a visit to the library! Come check out the display of poems and books in verse in the teen area and put your poetry knowledge to the test by matching six scrambled poems to their title and author.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duct Tape Extravaganza!

This April, the library is having weekly programs for teens on Fridays! Fab Fridays kicked off last week with a Duct Tape Extravaganza! Teens used colored duct tape to make wallets, roses, bookmarks, and flip flops.

The next Fab Friday event, a Name That Tune! program, will be THIS FRIDAY, April 16, from 3-4 in the Hollis Room. Come show off your musical knowledge and compete to win a prize!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Conspiracy of Kings

The newest book in Megan Whalen Turner's highly acclaimed The Queen's Thief series has finally arrived! Prepare to enter a world full of political intrigue and adventure with Eugenides, Sophos, and the Queens of Attolia and Eddis. Here is the book trailer for A Conspiracy of Kings.

A Conspiracy of Kings is located in the teen area, along with the previous books in the series: The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fab Fridays for Teens at the Library!

On Friday April 9th, 16th, and 30th, all 5th-12th graders are invited to attend Fab Fridays for Teens at the Gleason Public Library. Fab Fridays will take place from 3-4 pm in the Hollis Room and will feature crafts, games, and other fun activities! For more information, please contact Cassandra at cmalik@mvlc.org.

Fab Fridays in April:
April 9: Duct Tape Extravaganza. Transform colored duct tape into flowers, wallets, and more!

April 16: Name That Tune. Test your musical knowledge by identifying as many song clips as you can.

April 23: Spring Vacation (no event)

April 30: Get on Board! Celebrate the launch of Gleason's new board game collection with an afternoon of games and snacks.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guest Review: This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer

This World We Live In is the third entry in Susan Beth Pfeffer's popular The Last Survivors series. Fans of Life as We Knew It and The Dead and Gone will definitely want to check this book out since it features the protagonists from both of those earlier books in the series!

Our guest reviewer, Whitney, has this to say about Pfeffer's latest:

This World We Live In is the third in an action packed, thrilling, romantic piece of science fiction that will leave you on the edge of your seat begging for more!

This World We Live In will be released on April 1st, so look for it at the library then. If you can't wait that long, Amazon currently has a few advanced copies for sale!

Interested in writing book reviews for the teen blog? Contact Cassandra at cmalik@mvlc.org

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's With a Twist

On February 12, sixteen teens gathered at the library for a unique Valentine's Day celebration. Teens decorated cookies, made duct tape roses, and had a catapult building contest. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the Anti-Valentine's Day party such a huge success!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Award Winners!

The Young Adult Library Services Association recently awarded the Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in young adult literature to Libba Bray's Going Bovine! If you haven't already seen it, check out a hilarious interview with Libba Bray in the Book Trailers post below!

The following books were named 2010 Printz Honor Books:

Charles and Emma: The Darwin's Leap of Faith, by Deborah Heiligman

The Monstrumologist, by Rick Yancy

Punkzilla, by Adam Rapp

Tales of the Madman Underground: An Historical Romance, 1973, by John Barnes

Going Bovine, Charles and Emma, and The Monstrumologist are located in the new books section of the teen area. Look for Punkzilla and Tales of the Madman Underground to arrive there soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Trailers

Looking for a good book to read? Maybe these book trailers for some of our newest JH titles will give you some ideas!

All of these books are located in the New Books section of the teen area. Just ask for help if you can't find them!

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (sequel to The Hunger Games)

by Kristin Cashore (companion to Graceling)

Going Bovine
by Libba Bray

The Monstrumologist
by Rick Yancey

by Maggie Stiefvater

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Attention Alex Rider Fans!

Check out this interview with Anthony Horowitz in which he discusses Crocodile Tears, the newest book in the Alex Rider series.

Crocodile Tears is located in the new books section of the teen area. If it's checked out, ask a librarian to request it for you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Books!

Next time you're in the library, come check out some of our new JH books! New books are located in front of the small window in the teen area. Recently added titles include

Alphas, by Lisi Harrison, the first book in a new series about the exclusive Alpha Academy boarding school featuring Skye Hamilton from The Clique books.

The Doom Machine by Mark Teague, a madcap science fiction tale chronicling the adventures of troublemaker Jack Creedle and level-headed Isadora Shumway as they try and save Earth from a group of alien invaders.

Stealing Death by Janet Lee Carey, a fantasy tale about a young man who fights death to save people from dying after his family is killed.

Fans of Erin Hunter's Warriors series should check out our brand new Warriors graphic novels!

For a full list of new titles, visit http://www.gleasonlibrary.org/teen_reading_ideas.htm and then click on "New JH Books."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Moon Party

To celebrate the release of the New Moon movie, several Carlisle teens decided to add a little BITE to their Friday night with Twilight bingo, trivia, crafts, and a character costume contest. Thanks to everyone who helped make the party so much fun!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Upcoming Events

The next TOGA (Teens of Gleason Advisors) meeting is Thursday, December 3, from 3-4 in the Hollis Room.

Like to chat about books? The next meeting of Window into Wild Universe, the teen book club, is Tuesday, December 8, from 3-4 in the Hollis Room. New members in grades 7-9 are welcome!

Questions? Email Cassandra: cmalik@mvlc.org

Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Face

Hey everyone!

My name is Cassandra, and I'm Gleason's new teen librarian. I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you! I also hope to restart TOGA and book club meetings soon - keep checking the blog for updates.

If you see me around the library, please come up and say hi!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Reading 2009 Results

Congratulations! Kudos! Hurrah! to

Elisabeth Sorrows

for reading the most pages in Gleason's teen summer reading program.

Elisabeth read a whopping 9518 pages!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Reading 2009

Did you know that teens can participate in Summer Reading? All logging of pages is done online, and the teen that reads the most between now and July 30th will win the grand prize. To sweeten the pot this year, I will also be drawing random weekly winners, who will each get one draw from our box of advanced readers' copies (books that haven't been released yet!). I will notify each winner by email on Monday of each week, and will post the winner on the website and right here!

For more information, click here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009




Join us on Saturday, June 20th, from 12-245 for a book discussion and showing of the movie. All 5th-12th graders are welcome. Snacks and drinks will be provided. No preregistration is required.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Name the Martian

This martian and a few friends found out that the theme of the Massachusetts Summer Reading program is Starship Adventure, so they landed in Carlisle for the summer. Since we don't speak Martian, we don't know what to call him -- it is up to us to give him a name.

Write down your choice for his name and pop it in to the container on the children's desk in the library. We will announce his name -- and the winner -- on June 1, 2009.

While he is here for the summer, the Martian would like to see more of our town and possibly our world. To help him do that, we are offering Martians for check out along with your summer reading books. If you are going on vacation this summer check out one of our Martians. Take him and your books with you, pose him in some vacation shots (on the beach! at the airport! in the ocean!) and return him and your photos to the library when you return from your trip. We will be posting the photos to share with all of our patrons.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mystery in the Library

A huge THANK YOU to all who planned, set up, and attended Mystery in the Library last weekend! Kudos to Emma Schofield for her expert sleuthing skills and Griffin Bishop for his best costume.

The cast of Mystery in the Library

Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Pinocchio

Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin

The Queen, Oliver Twist, The Fairy Godmother

Puss in Boots, The Monster, The Scarecrow

Huck Finn, Peter Pan, Miss Marple