Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Name the Martian

This martian and a few friends found out that the theme of the Massachusetts Summer Reading program is Starship Adventure, so they landed in Carlisle for the summer. Since we don't speak Martian, we don't know what to call him -- it is up to us to give him a name.

Write down your choice for his name and pop it in to the container on the children's desk in the library. We will announce his name -- and the winner -- on June 1, 2009.

While he is here for the summer, the Martian would like to see more of our town and possibly our world. To help him do that, we are offering Martians for check out along with your summer reading books. If you are going on vacation this summer check out one of our Martians. Take him and your books with you, pose him in some vacation shots (on the beach! at the airport! in the ocean!) and return him and your photos to the library when you return from your trip. We will be posting the photos to share with all of our patrons.

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