Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Reviews

Tangled, by Carolyn Mackler
Reviewed by Whitney
Tangled is told in the point of view of four unique characters as they struggle through everyday troubles of love, depression, jockhood, and geekhood. Each character adds to an everyday story that will leave you wishing for more.

Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski
Reviewed by Monica

Gimme a Call is a book about a senior in high school who breaks her cell phone and with the broken cell phone she can call her fourteen-year-old self. Using this ability, she tries to change her life for the better. Tries. This book was extremely hard to read in the beginning. It was boring and not very well-written. On the other hand, near the middle and end, the story-line became more interesting and I actually enjoyed it. I suggest this book to very patient girls.

Tangled and Gimme a Call can currently be found in the New Books section of the teen area.

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